It creeps up behind you then stops you in your tracks, prohibiting access to your dreams.


When fear comes to play, we stop feeling worthy. Suddenly we’re no longer good enough and Comparisonitis sets in like frost, covering everything we do in a veil of mist and shrouding its natural, raw, authentic beauty.


These fears can crop up at any time, often without triggers or warning, and play a role in how we feel about our business (or our relationships, body or home life). If you’ve fallen out of love with your business, it could be that fear is the cause.


So how do we tackle fear?


How do we get around those feelings of unworthiness and ‘I’m not good enough’?


What can we do to get back on track and fall back in love with ourselves and our business?


High quality coaching can help us find our way back in a focused, controlled and loving manner.


I like to use the snazzy little acronym: GROW.


Which stands for:







Which it does (in my eyes)…


But in the coaching world it stands for:





Way forward


Before we can apply this clever tool though, we have to ask the question:


What’s the problem?


Once the problem is defined, then we can kick in with the GROW model.


Spend some time really focusing on this and you’ll soon begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your problem will be broken down into realistic and manageable chunks and the options will show you the way forward; a path that flows more effortlessly than before.


I’m going to give you an example below but you can also click here to watch a video I made recently about GROW and FEAR.




How do you feel?:  I can’t get any traction with my social media posts. I get hardly any likes and shares and very little interaction. What am I doing wrong? I feel so useless compared to everyone else who’s smashing $10,000 months and building groups with thousands of members! I feel deflated, defeated and ready to quit. Help!


Define the Problem:  Feeling useless and defeated is part of the FEAR issue. So let’s look at the actual problem. Your social media posts aren’t getting much interaction or engagement.


What is your goal?:  To reach a larger audience and build a tribe of engaged women who love what I do but who also support each other and, of course, buy or subscribe to my events and services.


What is the reality?  (This is where you need to dig deep and get honest with yourself) How clear is your message? Do you have a very clear target audience or ideal client in mind? Do you talk about lots of different things all the time or do you focus on one niche, one problem, one area of your expertise? Ask yourself lots of questions and be really honest about your actual progress, work and commitment.


What are your options?  (Let’s assume the main reality issue is the fact that your content is always so varied and so the message isn’t clear to your audience)  Get super clear on your core values, your message and the kind of content you want to release into your preferred social media platform (don’t spread yourself across too many platforms either as this will further dilute your message). One approach might be to start with a little mind map with your core message in the centre and all the ways in which you can share that core message coming off in little thought bubbles (just my preferred way of drawing but feel free to choose your own!)

Remember: coaching is simply the navigation system that helps you find your way. 

As the client, it’s up to you to do the work and choose different options along the way.


The way forward: This is where you explore your direction and weighing up the best way to reach your goal. For example: from your mind map, draw up a weekly planner of themes or topics and then write freely each week, allowing your core message, values and authentic self to shine through into your written post (or live video). The beauty of this model is that you become the owner of your dreams, making your own decisions and doing things your way. As a coach, I’m simply there to facilitate this beautiful journey.


For many women, particularly those who find blocks around sticking to schedules and rigid content creation strategies, the most important thing is to allow your work to flow from a positive place inside you, writing or making live videos when you feel most creative, centred and connected to the real you.


It’s from this place of truth that the magic really starts to sparkle and, ultimately, helps you to achieve your goals, dreams and create the difference you desire.

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