‘There is something beautiful about unforced bonds; the energy is real.’ – Dulce Ruby

Starting up a new coaching business can be a daunting task.

You’ve completed your coaching certificate, set up a website and joined some Facebook groups but you’re struggling with the whole concept of attracting new clients, building relationships and bringing in an income.

At this point in the game it’s easy to spend a lot of time, energy and money on the systems and processes side of your business, believing you have to have everything ‘perfect’ before really putting yourself out there and sharing your offer. It’s sad that, in the online world, many new coaches are led down money-draining, energy-sapping paths before they even bring in their first paying clients.

But there IS another way.

In fact, I believe it’s the ONLY way to really thrive as a stand-out coach with a profitable business and a steady stream of new client referrals.

Coaching chemistry is the key.

You see, coaching is an art form; a perception, an intuition, a silence.

It’s about pushing boundaries; stretching, challenging and being comfortable in silence.

Coaching is the start, not just of a new business, but of a lifelong affair with yourself and your own personal development. You can only become an extraordinary coach when you invest regularly in yourself, deep dive into your issues and grow continually into the most beautiful version of you.

Many people believe, perhaps wrongly, that you have to have had lots of ‘issues’ in your life in order to become a great coach. But that’s not actually the case. The work we do on ourselves and our inner world does not have to stem from major trauma, illness, grief, abuse or addiction. Of course, it’s natural that many people who have seen massive transformation do go on to become coaches with a passion for helping others find their way out of those situations and behaviour patterns.

Investing in yourself allows you to not just become more confident, focused and vibrant, but equips you with more skills, knowledge and experience to share with your clients. When you focus on raising your energy, you bring more magic into your work which has a ripple effect of creating more impact and allowing you to be seen as the expert or a lead player in your field.

However, this ripple effect will fade quickly if your business is not supported by a framework of fundamental coaching skills and a genuine chemistry between you and your clients. Remember, this isn’t about becoming your client’s friend. This is about your incredible potential to hold space for your clients so that they step up and in to their own power.

It’s always the learners who have been pushed and tested, stretched and challenged that go on to create the most significant impact.

In addition to honing your coaching skills and investing in yourself, there’s a third area that will really help to define you as an extraordinary coach. This is where you bring your energy and your uniqueness to the table.

Your passion and personality must shine through into your business and your brand. Your core values, beliefs and integrity must be visible in everything you do.

You can’t be an extraordinary coach if you’re not speaking your truth.

As a Beautiful Coach, you’ll bring your energy into your business, blast away outdated models, create a new level of coaching excellence based on integrity and coaching chemistry, raise coaching standards worldwide and feel amazing doing it!

Now is the perfect moment to step into your power, be the brightest version of yourself and play a part in shifting perceptions of coaching worldwide. It’s time to boost your skills, update your coaching practice and create authentic, meaningful connections that stem from a place of passion and integrity.

If you’re ready to unlock your potential to create magic and leave a tiny you-shaped dent in the Universe, then the Beautiful Coaching VIP GROW days could be the perfect next step for you to achieve the business success, happiness and results you dream of.


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