In this post I’ll look at some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding coaching.

1. You can become a coach overnight.

Well, you can declare yourself a ‘coach’, that is correct, but ethically and morally I believe this is fundamentally wrong. The online space needs to be regulated (imho) so that every practicing coach has received training that is aligned to the core competencies of coaching and integrity within coaching, i.e. client boundaries and relationships.

2. You can earn 6 figures by taking an online course.

Technically, it’s a possibility. But you must look at the integrity of the course and the trainer. Is it an online course that replicates the trainer’s model? (I.e. Do what I did and get rich too.) If so, then I hate to break it to you, but you may as well flush that money straight down the toilet! The reality is, that coach/trainer will have spent at least 2 years to get to the position of earning 6 figures after many months of zero income. You must ensure that you have the foundations of your business in place before investing in technical courses (especially ones with outrageous claims). It took me 3 years to reach the 7 figure mark in my training and coaching company – with a lot of investment, learning and knowledge along the way.

3. You should leave your 9-5 and set up as a coach.

Darling, I am telling you this one with love. Unless you can absolutely afford to have many months without an income, please do NOT leave the security of your job. Instead, view your job as a means of paying for your exit strategy. In another blog I will be sharing with you a 12 month countdown on how to get your job to pay for your new business and the important steps you need to take before leaving.

4. Coaching qualifications are not worth the money.

Ooh la la! This is one prickly topic! I know some AMAZING coaches who have never gone through a properly accredited coaching program and, similarly, the opposite. In a nutshell, a professional qualification will teach you the ethics, techniques and theory, plus it gives you professional respect and recognition and a lot of flexibility. I do a lot of work within the corporate sector and they would never entertain hiring a freelance coach without professional qualifications. Having this ability to work in both the private and public sector means that if the online world collapsed tomorrow, I’d still be able to work and earn an income.

5. Successful people don’t need coaches.

You think coaching is for lightweights who can’t succeed on their own? Think again! I love this quote: “An effective coaching and mentoring relationship helps people to unravel the complexities of daily life and design a richer, more meaningful experience. It’s not about cotton candy self-help slogans and positive affirmations. It’s about skilful living.” So there you go… it’s not woo-woo at all, but a strategic, structured way of achieving your goals and feeling more confident, empowered and better able to support your clients.

Love & mischief, Kate

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