When you invest in your personal and professional development (even when you don’t think you need it), the return on investment in confidence alone is worth every penny and minute spent.

Case in point: me!

Over the (ahem) decades, I’ve acquired many pieces of paper that confirm my ability in training, learning and development but, with the launch of my Beautiful Coaching Academy in September, I figured it would be the perfect moment to upgrade my qualifications. Not because I needed to, but because I knew that by stretching myself further and immersing myself back in the things that excited me at the start of this journey, that this would shine through and enable even more people to benefit from my work.

While I know I’ve always been a great (and very successful) coach, I know I’d lost that extra bit of polish and sheen which is now firmly back in place. I’m literally glowing!

This year alone I’ve invested more than £15,000 (gulp!) in my own professional development. Keeping my CPD logged seems to be a full time career right now! As a result of this, I’m now super excited to be in the process of applying for Fellow membership to a prestigious body which will add another feather in my stylish Panama. Feeling a little grown up here…

So, what are my takeaways for you as a new or aspiring coach?

1. No matter how confident you feel, it’s super important to keep your skills up to date and relevant to be a skilful and professional coach. There is a whole world of difference between a bad coach, a good coach and an outstanding coach.

(And right now I’m like a kid in a toy shop itching to play with all my newly updated skills. The excitement is REAL people!)

2. Coaches always need guidance and mentoring in starting, scaling and running a successful coaching business. On my recent training course I saw first hand just how many people needed this high level support which was great for me because it confirmed again that my Beautiful Coaching Academy is absolutely vital. Certified training, coaching and mentoring for female coaches who want to build a thriving business they love.

Honest self-reflection really is part of the formula to being a beautiful coach so do take the time to ask yourself the most difficult questions. They might be tough, but ultimately they’ll help you move forward onto bigger and better things.

Love & mischief,

Kate x

Ps. If you work with me on my 1-1 three month course, you can use this as a credit towards the academy certification programme in September. Find out all the details here.

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