I’m a great believer that you don’t have to ‘sell’ to get sales.

Sounds a little crazy, huh?

But everywhere you look you’ll see courses and coaches telling you to sell, sell, sell! How to sell with confidence and ease. How to sell a 5 figure coaching package. How to sell from home in your pyjamas with a cold coffee and a toddler running round. You name it, there’s a course on it!

But, (and I will probably ruffle a few sales coaches’ feathers here), I believe that there has been a shift in recent years. People are weary of the same old tried and tested formulae and sales techniques that just don’t feel genuine. There is a movement towards a more true connection between people; building rapport and genuinely being so charismatic that you don’t need to sell in the traditional sense.

You and your product together are instantly and beautifully magnetic.

This shift towards connections and relationship building has long been in my heart and once led me to win 7 figures on a contract in my previous training and development business – all because I made it about the person, not about my financial gain.

As a business coach and founder of Beautiful Coaching, I teach people how to be more charismatic through building rapport, human connections and truly engaging with potential clients.

How do I do it?

Well, part of my secret sauce is a special, spicy blend of body language and listening skills. Sounds a bit kooky? Well, it’s 100% scientifically proven. Our bodies constantly give away signals of how we’re feeling and what we’re thinking, even on the phone!

So, here’s a fact for you:

People buy from people they LIKE.

That’s why having charisma, building rapport and being likeable is so important. If you have the product or service your ideal client wants AND you’re charismatic and take the time to build a genuine rapport with them, then your honesty, authenticity and humanness will ALWAYS win out over a sleazy sales conversation.

I recently spoke to a high profile sales coach and was completely turned off by her tried and tested sales technique to close the sale. Her closed questions like ‘Would you agree that what I have offered you would benefit you and your business?’ Ugghhhh!

It was a formulaic patter and about as exciting as processed ham. She didn’t listen to me, or what I had to say and the mere mention of ‘talking it over with my husband’ made her cut me off!

Well…that was a big red flag!

The fear tactics might work for some people but ultimately, I prefer to sleep well each night knowing that every sale I make comes from a genuine connection and building rapport with someone who needs my services.

What can you do today to build better relationships and kick sleazy sales tactics to the kerb?

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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