When your 9-5 job sucks, it’s easy to be seduced by the rose-tinted glow of entrepreneurial life and get lured into promises of 6 figure incomes in just a few months.

Before you hand in your notice, buy a domain name and book a flight to Bali…

Please take a quick read of my 999 Emergency Guide to Leaving your JOB and still getting PAID.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt!

After closing the doors on my own successful million pound training & coaching company, I spent a lot of time soul searching and watching Netflix. I needed to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life and how I could turn my ‘money tap’ back on. It took me several false starts before I found something truly aligned to my core desires. A business that lit me up every day.

Tip 1: Take the time out. Travel. Watch Netflix. But please, do it all with the security net of at least 6 months’ income in the bank.

During my Netflix and binge era, a superhero friend counselled me in how to withdraw from my addiction (along with my new found attachment to pyjamas as a suitable form of daytime attire). She kicked my butt, made me wash my hair and got me back on the path to creating money.

Tip 2: Find a friend who dons a superhero cape and listen to them. Like really, listen to them.

My friend suggested I find a job. Shock, horror! But…luckily for me (after having been out of employee mode for 15 years) she shared something else instead. In what only can be described as a lightbulb moment, I was introduced to the lucrative world of contracting. My superhero was not just an awesome friend, but also a project manager earning in excess of £250k per year!

Tip 3: Surround yourself with superheroes. (Real life ones, not the chocolates!)

After a little research connecting my skills set with the requirements of training & development companies looking for contract workers, I realised that while I couldn’t command the same money as my superhero friend, I could indeed make a wonderful living. PLUS, the benefits of NOT being tied to one company were even greater. I could pick and choose WHO I worked with, WHERE I worked and how much time I wanted of between projects. This gave me FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE. Something super-important when you’re setting up your own business on the side.

Tip 4: Get out there and pitch your services to the big corporate firms and get paid to share your expertise. Turn off the TV, log out of social media and start writing emails….go on, I double dare you!

Once my contract income started flowing in, then investing in my own business dreams became a reality. I outsourced the work I didn’t have time to do, had a professional website built, hired a coach and still had income left to book a holiday or two. Result!

Tip 5: Invest in a coach. It’ll help you get from A to B far quicker and without fumbling around in the dark, sitting in a puddle of overwhelm and wondering why you can’t do this business thing when EVERYONE else can!

Tip 6: Outsource all the stuff that doesn’t light you up or you don’t have time to do. There are some awesome people out there who can take care of copywriting, tech, sales funnels, websites and video editing for you. Just think of all that extra time you’ll have for what REALLY makes your heart sing and dance.

If after reading this you’re still ready to jump ship and swim away from an unbearable job and onto the shores of entrepreneurship, then please do take some time to consider HOW you’ll do this. You don’t need to know all the details, just a simple strategy around HOW you’ll afford to pay your bills and how you’ll spend your TIME in order to maximise your visibility and results.

Tip 7: If running a business in your pyjamas is a romantic dream, I can assure you that trying to do it WITHOUT any income will soon turn it into more of a nightmare. To avoid the inevitable soul destroying stress, get a STRATEGY and a PLAN.

(And refer back to Tip 5)

Not sure where to go and who to turn to to get the kind of strategic help and planning you need as you transition from corporate to your own business? Well, worry not, I’ve got you covered! I have the perfect three month plan for you.

Just pop me a message and we’ll get started with a nice coffee and a chat. Before you know it you’ll be the proud owner of a thriving coaching business.

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