Today I woke up really early; 4.45am to be precise.

My intuition led me straight out the door and into the woodland near my house by 6am.

I love to reconnect with nature, particularly in the early mornings, since it has a way of balancing my mind and making me feel refreshed and filled with sparkly energy.

This week I’ve had a lot on my mind so, to try to tame the ball of thoughts whizzing round in my brain, I decided to do what I tell all my clients to do: COACH MYSELF.

After 90 minutes of walking and coaching myself through the problems and fears, I had some powerful, mind-blowing aha moments and unravelled a behaviour pattern.

I was amazed that all this truth was inside of me and came up so easily, but, the reason that this happened was because of the QUESTIONS i was asking…

• Powerful questions

• Intuitive questions

• Curious questions

• Provocative questions

In doing this exercise I arrived at a point of complete clarity. I had a breakthrough that I couldn’t have achieved before. Why? Because I recently invested a substantial amount of money in uplevelling my skills and allowing myself to learn and grow in new and exciting ways.

As I’ve said many times before, coaching muscles need to be built, flexed, stretched and used daily in order for you to become a truly beautiful, transformational, powerful coach. Some people might say coaching is easy (and wonder why there’s a large price tag attached). Some people might say that coaching is just asking questions and that you don’t need any training. Many believe that just talking to people all day equips you to be a coach.

It’s complete rubbish.

You might be a naturally ok coach, but if you want to see those big dramatic shifts in your clients’ lives then you have to be a brilliant communicator, an even better listener and, without fail, you must ask all those important questions in the right way at the right moment. And for that, you definitely do need training, mentoring and supporting along your journey.

Fancy joining me for some 1-1 coaching? Pop me a DM or click here for details of my 3 month coaching program.

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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