The buffalo allows the ox pecker to sit on his back and peck away at the bugs and gnats that sit on and irritate the buffalo, thus providing the ox pecker with his dietary requirements and the buffalo with an itch-free, bit-free body.

I absolutely love this example and how well it translates into the human kingdom (and online business space).

I’m currently collaborating with a lovely friend who’s an experienced journalist starting a PR and Content Strategy business. She’s helping me with PR and my website while I’m sharing my business coach wisdom around package creation and pricing strategy.

We both win and it really sings to my soul and the ethos of my company: Women supporting women. Be kind, be nice, no secrets or competitiveness and no game plan.

Our collaboration is a great example of the ox pecker and buffalo relationship and the simple beauty of supporting another woman whilst being open to receiving support and accountability yourself. (It doesn’t matter who’s who but I’m definitely the ox pecker to the scary looking buffalo… shhh!! Don’t tell my friend!)

You see, when we start out in business it’s difficult. Really hard. Sometimes we don’t have the money to outsource for the things we really need or would love to have. But, perhaps there’s an ox pecker or a buffalo you could reach out to? Perhaps an online bestie or a local business friend?

Reach out and see what happens lovely….

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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