Starting a coaching business can seem like a daunting task. Not only is there all the essential paperwork and legal stuff, but your confidence may need to be worked on too.

I’ve put together these 5 TIPS to Build Your Confidence and Start Coaching that are easy and quick to implement.

I call these my low hanging bananas: the fruit that’s ripest and easiest to reach.

1. Speak to your network of ex-colleagues to ask if they need (or could recommend someone) who might need some pro bono coaching. This helps you to practice your newly gained coaching skills and to get testimonials to attract more ideal clients.

2. Join local networking groups, like Women In Business, and offer some free coaching taster sessions. People will bite your hands off, I pinkie promise! One of the coaches in my group had a queue around the corner…

3. Update your LinkedIn profile (and other social media platforms you use) and tell the world what you’re doing now.

4. Start to connect with your ideal clients on LinkedIn to increase your reach and audience. Set goals to connect with (and research) a specific number of new people each day.

5. Begin writing articles that relate to your ideal client’s specific problem, pain points or aspirations. E.g. a corporate high flyer who dreams of becoming a partner or director but suffers with imposter syndrome. Or a woman who wants to feel better in her clothes, have more energy and needs a diet overhaul. Or perhaps an online coach who is scared to create live video content but comes across as wooden and stilted on camera.

“Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on.” – Daphne Guinness

Bonus tip: Don’t coach friends and family. As a professional coach we always have to reset with each client and reman neutral. Coaching a friend or family member always comes with preset conditioning and judgement and it will colour your coaching. You absolutely need a blank canvas.

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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