I hear a lot of stuff online about money mindset and the lack mentality.

I believe the truth is this…

(And I know some of you won’t like it!)

• You CAN be successful even with a lack mentality and a poor money mindset.

• You CAN be a failure (in business) even with a positive money mindset.

In a nutshell, if you don’t follow a good business strategy or plan for YOUR business, then perhaps you will not achieve success regardless of your money mindset.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a little bit of woo-woo and money mindset sits in there really wonderfully for me. However, my feet are firmly placed in both camps: One in Camp Logic and one in Camp Woo-Woo.

So, what is money mindset and where are those tips I promised you?

Well, money mindset relates to how we feel about money.

For example, I had a conversation with my husband this morning about the house we live in now.

At the time we bought it it was a huge upgrade for us and a really beautiful, dream home.

I had a lot of what-ifs.

Not good enough.

Can’t afford it.

Who are we to…

Fast forward to this morning as we discussed our impending move to the US. We reflected back to when we both felt scared and not good enough to buy this house. But we took a risk. We moved in and then disaster struck! My work dried up and I didn’t earn any money for 3 months.

But, as is often the case, things settled down and nearly three years on we’re completely comfortable with who we are and where we live.

In money mindset terms, we UP-LEVELLED. All those doubts and fears were an essential part of the uplevelling. It had to feel scary.

To many people, that can be viewed as ‘just life’ but I do like a bit of woo-woo. For me, money mindset works and the stories we tell ourselves definitely have an impact. However, money mindset is just part of the picture. In order to be truly successful in any business, you must also have a plan, a strategy and the drive and determination to make it a success.

Starting a business is a way of up levelling your life. You’re exchanging a guaranteed income every month for freedom, a lifestyle of choice and, potentially, an even higher income. It’s the Universe’s way of checking that you’re deadly serious about your choices by throwing you some curve balls!

1. Slowly push the boundaries of your comfort zone when it comes to money. Swap a weekly takeaway for a decadent meal out in a luxury restaurant or save up to buy an expensive coat rather than a cheap one every year from a high street store. Buy better quality stationery, organic food or salon hair products.

2. Listen to your inside and outside chatter. Replace ‘it’s too expensive’ with ‘I LOVE that! How can I make it happen?’. Put it on your visualisation board and keep the faith.

3. Know your personal money story. Pinpoint the exact money tasks you struggle with. Is it keeping up to date with accounts? Too scared to check your balance? Paying bills late and getting excess charges? Figure it out and work on it.

4. Give yourself a money makeover. Start by asking yourself these questions: Imagine a time in the future when you’ve achieved financial success. Look backwards and describe the steps you took to get there. What can you do today to up level that scares you a bit? How can you be as kind and forgiving to yourself as you are to others? What do you need to do differently?

What’s your money story? What do you feel about money mindset? I’d love to know….

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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