If you follow me over on Instagram (@beautiful_coaching) you’ll probably know I have a bit of a thing for sheep…

I frequently find myself giving them names and imaging all sorts of conversations going on in their heads. (I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that does this! Right?)

One beautiful morning last year I met Pamela, a sheep with a delightfully black spotted face. While she dressed like the other sheep in a big woolly jumper and ate the same grass as the other sheep, one thing made Pamela stand out to me.

She was the only one who stopped, looked around and (probably) said: ‘Why are you so interested in me? What do you see in me that’s making you stop and take photo?’

You see, Pamela is different. Pamela has decided she isn’t going to follow the crowd (and it’s all so dreadfully crowded on Sheepbook).

** Which one are you? **

Are you a Sheep or a Pamela?

Do what’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to follow your instinct and not follow the crowd.

Stand out. Shine bright.

Take the path that will lead you out of the field and into choices, confidence and uniqueness.

Love & mischief, Kate x

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