So, you’ve made the decision to retrain, quit your 9-5 or perhaps the children are older and you want to do something different than return to a part-time office job.

My question to you is: Who’s Got Your Back?

Who are your support superheroes? Who will back you up no matter what? Who will be pushing you forward not dragging you down?

We’ve probably all had that one friend who we thought was on our side, but then we notice the digging, the snide remarks, and that uncomfortable feeling in our guts.

I had a friend like that. It was around the time I first had the idea for Beautiful Coaching: coaching women how to be brilliant at business AND coaching.

I passionately shared my ideas and from then on I received subtle put-downs. Nothing overt or in my face, but a passive aggressive type of comment that always left me upset or like I was going a little crazy and overreacting.

Luckily, I followed my intuition and slowly withdrew my services as a friend and kept true to my path for creating my dream business. I did feel guilty, crazy as it sounds, but I needed to distance myself from her negative energy.

In the online space you will come across many people who will pass their own insecurities and inadequacies on to you.

I call it the Crab in a bucket syndrome.

It’s a little story that goes like this…

There’s a little girl looking into a bucket full of crabs by the quay in Norfolk. One crab was trying to climb out and the others were pulling it back down. The little girl asked her grandfather why the crabs were trying to stop the crab escape. The grandfather replied: ‘If the crab was on his own, he would surely escape. But the other crabs are pulling him back to be with them, they don’t want him to escape.’

We see this behaviour mirrored in human life too. When someone tries to do something different from society’s norm, other people (especially those who feel incapable of change) will try to drag her down, back to share the same fate at the bottom.

The moral of the story is: keep firing ahead with whatever is right for YOU. Surround yourself with your support squad superheroes and limit your time with those who don’t believe in you or who make you feel rubbish.

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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