As I wrote in a recent post ‘To Niche or Not to Niche’, it’s impossible to be everything to everybody AND build a profitable coaching business.


Because in order to become known as the expert in your field you have to spend a lot of time really understanding your ideal client and streamlining your solutions to their problems.

Of course, not everything is about problems and solutions, it’s also about fulfilling desires.

If Sarah needs high quality white cotton sheets for her newly decorated guest bedroom, then she’ll probably think about heading over to The White Company. While she’s there she’ll grab a couple of grey scatter cushions, a candle and silver coasters to complete the look. (Great example of upselling too.)

If Jessica wants to spend her corporate bonus on a luxury pair of statement heels then she’ll head to Louboutin to treat herself to a classic black pair that she’ll wear with pride, a smile and a sexy swagger.

And if Kate wants a classic, luxury, soft leather bag that makes her feel good every time she takes it out of the house, then she may well head to Mulberry.

Ok, so this last one is me….I love my Mulberry handbags!

Not only did I work hard to earn the money to buy them for myself, but as a business coach I love to buy from other brands that have their niching in the bag (ahem!).

You see, Mulberry is not just a bag manufacturer. Mulberry is synonymous with high quality, luxury, British bags. Their ideal clients are women with a certain level of disposable income or women who save for a special treat, knowing their purchase is a valuable investment.

So, while you might not be dreaming of becoming the next big fashion or interiors brand, you are almost certainly an online (or face to face) coach who wants to become more well known and respected for the amazing work you do and the results your clients achieve.

What is it that YOU do that’s different from how others do it? And who are the people who really NEED or DESIRE the services you offer?

Spend some time thinking about your niche, your ideal client and your services BEFORE you start throwing offers around like confetti. Confused consumers don’t buy!

Are you a new coach who would like some guidance, support and templates to use to get started?

Then grab your free copy of my Beautiful Coaches’ Starter Toolkit. It won’t be free for much longer so don’t miss out!

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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