(Even if you’re financially at rock bottom right now…)

‘Your card has been declined madam, do you have another means of payment?’

Have you ever had that lurching feeling in the pit of your stomach as you pay for the food you need to feed your children?

Or perhaps you’ve borrowed money from your parents (again) just to pay the utility bills?

Or maybe you’ve had the mortgage company threatening repossession if you don’t keep up repayments?

I’ve been there. I know how it feels. I lived every moment of that shame and helplessness for two years.

And then I vowed I would NEVER rely on anyone again for money. EVER.

Slowly, I built up a training and development company through integrity, grit, mistakes and kindness. And I had a whole lot of fun along the way!

I still remember the month my turnover reached £100k. I was in Greece with my husband back in 2011 and showed him my bank balance. He was as shocked and surprised as I was!

Thankfully, the stress and shame that being at rock bottom created in me is now a distant memory but I do still have to work on my mindset all the time.

Here I am, many years later, with a small business that consistently brings in £8k to £10k a month with no overheads and no staff. I get to choose who I work with, when I work and I get to meet incredible people. That’s the beauty and freedom in running a successful, coaching business.

But remember… there is of course more to running your own business than studying for a quick coaching certification and setting up a website.

You need a solid plan, a strategy, some incredible goals and the determination to succeed. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and really make this dream a reality?

My passion is training and mentoring women to become beautiful, INCREDIBLE coaches with solid business foundations built with heart-centred integrity.

My dream for you is that you swap staring at the ceiling at 3am worrying about bills for staring at the blanket of stars from a tropical island. I want you to feel independent and free with a zest for life, sharing your skills, knowledge and passion wherever you go.

If you’re a new coach who wants to learn how to build a thriving, profitable coaching business from the bottom up, with the support of a mentor and coach who’s been there and done it, then my new 3 month programme might just be the perfect fit. Pop me a message to find out more!

Love & mischief, Kate x

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