Recently I explained why niching is an absolute must in the coaching world (read that post here) and today I want to share with you how a little passion and personality can help you refine your business niche to attract even more ideal clients.

First, let’s look at your expertise and experience – all the services, skills and knowledge you share with your clients as a coach. This is where you can sit with a big sheet of paper and write down all the areas where you have either qualifications, experience or a whole heap of self-taught wisdom.

Perhaps you’re a health coach who focuses on weight-loss primarily as your personal journey

involves weight struggles and weight loss success. You have the skills and compassion to coach your clients in a way that really guides, inspires and supports them on their journey.

Or maybe you’re a coach who works with midsters (mid-life) who are seeking a new and fulfilling direction. Your own experience from stressed, burnt out corporate employee to relaxed life-coach is the perfect background from which to share your lightbulb moments alongside tailored coaching techniques.

It’s this combination of skills and experience combined with YOUR UNIQUE PERSONALITY and VALUES that really make you a stand-out coach; an expert in your field who has ideal clients flocking to your inbox.

As a business coach, I support women new to coaching who want to turn their passion into a beautiful, bountiful coaching business. By itself that’s not enough of a niche. But when you add in my decades of experience in training and development (something I’m really passionate about) that funnels my niche into something more clearly defined. Then there’s the light I bring when I train people how to use body language in their business. It’s an extra special, unique part of me that I’m passionate about sharing with all my clients. Then I add a sprinkle of my personality through my mischievous sense of fun and my love of the countryside, animals and family.

Remember, don’t try to be everything to everyone, become the go-to expert in [insert your niche] and focus on speaking to the audience who most need and want your expertise.

I’ll be sharing with you soon how to create your ideal client avatar, but in the meantime, if you need help refining your niche and creating solid foundations for a profitable coaching biz, then pop me a message or send me an email to talk about my 3 month coaching program.

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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