Just as Shakespeare was onto something rather profound, I’d like to believe I am too when I say this:

Niching is a coaching necessity.

The thing is, you can’t be everything to everybody, so if you’re wanting a successful coaching business then you’re gonna have to niche. Simples.

Now, before you start saying that your specific skill set really can help everybody on the planet, just remember that even if that were true, most of them probably aren’t interested, ready or able to invest. So trying to please everyone will never boost your bottom line.

Once you define your niche, you’re targeting a very specific group of potential clients. Everything you do, write or say will then be speaking directly to those people. Some will buy and some won’t, of course, but you’ll have a far more engaged audience of people who really resonate with your brand and services.

Plus, (and this is really important in the online space) you’ll soon become known as the EXPERT in your specific niche which means that people will recommend you and talk about you to others even if they’ve never personally worked with you. Being known as the expert is also more likely to get you opportunities in public speaking, collaborations and writing projects. Win-win, right?

So, my lovely, do you have a niche? Do you think you have a niche but it keeps changing? Or maybe you thought you had a niche but now you’re not so sure?

Well, pop your thoughts below and let’s see if we can all help each other to get more specific about who we serve and why, and all the ways we’re different from other coaches out there.

Love & mischief,

Kate x

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