Coaches and Consultants can be found across many industries and while there is some overlap (both want to see transformation in their clients), it’s how they achieve change and transformation that differs substantially.

In part 1, I outlined FOUR differences between coaches and consultants and today I’m going to outline another four. If you missed part 1, take a look here.

A coach will bring an outside perspective, personal experiences and frameworks to support the client’s desired outcome. They may also bring relationship, health or business expertise (depending on the industry) to support their client’s growth and expansion. A consultant will bring technical expertise to advise on specific solutions. However, he may, or may not have actually experienced the same problem.
A coach will focus on the dynamics to support a change in behaviour and habits, either for the individual or for the relationships he has with others. A consultant generally doesn’t get involved with behaviour change and focuses on more clear cut problems and solutions.
A coach will be facilitating growth and development. A consultant will be gathering data and reporting on the changes that need to be made.
A coach works primarily with goals relating to performance, results and outcomes. A consultant’s goals link to programs, processes, funding or systems.
Are you a coach or consultant? Are you trained and certified as a coach in your industry? Did you simply give yourself the title of ‘coach’ in the online space? I’d love to know!

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