Creating a solid foundation is one of the most important things you must do when you launch a new coaching business.


Because without it you have no solid structure to build from (just think about a house without foundations) and scaling your business later will prove more difficult.

Now, there are of course many important steps to take when building a new business and I’ve recently talked a lot about niching and ideal client in my article ‘To Niche or Not To Niche’.

Today, I’m sharing with you the FOUR main areas that need focus and energy spent on them in the early days and beyond…

1. Build basic business foundations: Register a company name and business. Get appropriate insurance. Buy a domain name. Create a landing page or small website. Consider your financial goals: how much do you NEED to earn and how much would you LIKE to earn?

2. Build client foundations: Work on your niche. What is your ideal client searching for? What’s her problem, need or desire? Why are you the person to help them? Is your ideal client an earlier version of you?

3. Build your personal foundations: You are UNIQUE. Remember that! Even if you’re just qualified with no paying clients, you still have special gifts, talents and VALUE to give others. That value is worth paying for. Running your own business is very rewarding but can also take its toll on your health and well-being, so it’s vitally important that you schedule in time for exercise, meditation or journalling, make healthy eating a priority and schedule things like massage or chiropractic that support you when your day to day life becomes more sedentary. (Don’t underestimate the hours you might spend at the laptop!)

4. Build your service foundations: What will you offer your clients? How will you price your coaching package? Will you set up a sales funnel? Will you build an email list? How? Consider starting with one unique high-end, signature package that not only solves your client’s problem but also brings together everything that you’re about and helps you become known as the expert in your field.

Are you a new coach who’s looking for support and guidance? Need templates and coaching models to get you started? Then grab my FREE Beautiful Coaches’ Starter Toolkit. *hint* it won’t be free for much longer so grab it now!

Love & mischief, Kate x

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