Kate has worked for us as a coach mentor and consultant for the past 8 years. Not only is Kate a wonderfully warm, witty person(which always helps) but she has a fantastic understanding of business and how to start and grow one. She was passionate about helping us grow from a tiny micro business into the global brand with a multi million pound turnover that counts celebrities as their clients. She is utterly perfect at what she does, straight talking, funny, down to earth and an expert that brings the best out of us, whilst gently guiding us to achieve our goals.

Donna McKay

Travel Director, The Gorilla Safari Company

Kate delivers nothing but Luxe. During our coaching session she asked poignant questions that enabled me to have many ahas not only about my business and brand but about my lifestyle in general. She definitely has the wow factor and I do not say that lightly. For someone to drill with the precision laser right to the crux of the issue and then provide insights, that will be steering my business onto the right path, that is genius! Thank you Kate, you lifted the fog and gave me concrete actionable solutions.

Private Coaching Client


Kate is not only very professional but very personable and has the power of getting the best performance out of everyone. Kate restored faith in my ability and will make anyone believe that they have the power to achieve.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Hotel Group

Kate is assisting me in setting up my own business and has helped me to focus on what steps I need to take to ensure my brand is marketed correctly, she has helped me devise an action plan to move my business forward. Kate is an expert in her field and very inspirational and encouraging, she has given me lots of extra advise and tips to ensure my business is successful. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone starting out on a new venture.

Ange Page

Manager Director at A Page Consultants

Kate is a focused and driven business partner. She works effectively across all levels within an organisation with a key strength in cascading complex information in a timely manner. She is creative, takes the wider perspective and motivates both her team and partners effectively. I have no hesitation in recommending Kate for work across all sectors due to her depth of experience in both public and private organisations.

Traci Edwards

L&D Consultant and Business Coach


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