Do you know that when I transitioned over from my 7 fig bricks and mortar business to the online world, i felt

I literally just wanted someone to say, Hey Kate here is how you do it….. the bit before the bit that you see everyone do online. These are your business foundations. And if you’re anything like me, you will find all of the online space so confusing BECAUSE it is trying to reach you at a stage that you’re not at in your business.

That is why the business and coaching foundations are so important to get right before you move onto the glorious stage of becoming known for what you do. These are the hidden basics that you have to do so that you can scale your business and create the lifestyle and freedom that you dream of.

My powerful 3 month program tackles all of your shiz.


We start with a strategy and coaching day at the beautiful, nature inspired Farnborugh Estate, followed by 2/3 coaching calls per month.


   How to coach powerfully and with impact.

   How to create incredible rapport immediately on a discovery call and coach someone you don’t know through to YES.

   How to be fearlessly authentic as a coach bringing your own values, energy and beautiful personality to coaching.

   Coaching model techniques and coaching questions organised into categories (ie when to use them and why).

   How to implement a clear business strategy.

   How to implement the Ethics boundaries and integrity of coaching that is fully ALIGNED WITH THE CORE competencies and professional standards of the industry.

   Coaching supervision and feedback, an oppoutunity to practice and refelct and build your coaching muscles.

   Mindset Magic- deep and powerful coaching on you to get you in the right mindset working on you fears and barriers and confidence so that you can create incredible transformation for you clients and yourself.

  Vision- Clear away the crap and get you clear on the goal

  Clarify you Buisness purpose and market research for validation

  Idea to clear niche- figure out your unique business message with our lovely nuche cheat sheet

  Know who your customers are: Your idea client and where to find them and what their pain point is

  Pricing structure- we get rid of all of that yucky fears around pricing and what to ask

  Crafting Your signature offer- Incredible packages that are crafted for your ideal client

  Positioning yourself as the expert and telling the world

  Create website and mailing list

  Create an opt in freebie

   Step by Step guide how to get to your first paying clients and through your first year earning with regular clients

Bonus 1: Done for you monthly content planner

Bonus 2: Masterclass with my gorgeous copy writer

Bonus 3: Masterclass with my beautiful sales funnel and FB specialist

Bonus 4: Plan for success workbook

Bonus 5: An article of your choice published in the UKs biggest selling SME business & wellness magazine



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