You are constantly being thanked by people for helping them,

You love to support people, to create change, feel amazing and shine when you have achieved that,

You follow some online coaches and secretly feel that something is wrong in the way that they just “popped” up over night,

wishing you could have the success but in a more credible way, You want to create, build or expand your coaching business and support people in their growth,

You want Coach AND Business training and you want to be qualified & Internationally recognised,

You want to learn, grow, develop your skills and become beautifully confident and dangerously good coach,

You long to create a business where you get to choose who, where and how you work,

You are searching for similar minded women that are an inspiration to work with and build lasting bonds,

You have been thinking about becoming coach but found it overwhelming searching for someone that can train you be a proper coach AND business woman, where your training will be recognised internationally but also captures YOU, your uniqueness & authenticity,

You want to stand heads & shoulders above the noise and sea of unregulated,unqualified & inexperienced coaches out there.

You are Bold, Brave and Beautiful and want to be part of the movement that wants to change online coaches into gorgeous confident and competent coaches.


A 6 MONTH fully certificated Coaching and Start UP Entrepreneur to totally transform you and your business, create the Beautiful Coach in you and create an incredible flourishing coaching business that you love . Live in the UK. The Beautiful Coaching Academy has been created for Beautiful women just like you – Women who want to make a difference, see others grow, develop and shine. Work with people they enjoy, love and feel connected to and who have similar entrepreneurial goals – creating their very own business and building a life they love too. Coming soon in 2019, enquire for further details and to be put onto the waiting list

The Beautiful Coaching Academy will show exactly you how to become a Beautiful Coach and Business woman, creating a flourishing coaching practice that shines with your values and authenticity.

We will meet in incredible specially selected laid back luxe hotels where nature surrounds us throughout, all in the UK More details coming soon. No more than 12 people will be in my first Academy .

Oh my goodness we are going to have so much fun!

There is a strict application process lovely and only 12 beautiful women will be admitted.


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